7 Traditions That Make The Masters #Iconic

If you’re new to golf or The Masters, one of four PGA Major tournaments held each year, it is a notably unique event in the world of sports. The tournament is lined with tradition, some aiming to perpetuate exclusivity more than others. For the most part though, the event attracts a lot of publicity that can ultimately help grow the game.

Here’s 9 traditions that make next week’s Masters Tournament a real treat (and absolutely iconic):


Let’s get right into what matters most at any golf tournament. The snacks. Augusta National does the treats side of a golf tournament marvelously. The options are tasty and inexpensive. No Dodgers game concessions sticker shock here, My Birds. Fan favorites like the pimento cheese sandwiches are a must as they symbolize the tournament’s delightful charm. By not over-charging, the overall impression is that patron experience is prioritized knowing the prestige of this event is the real currency.


Masters tournament winners are awarded THE Green Jacket of all green jackets, a symbol of golfing excellence and membership at Augusta National. Winners keep the jacket for one calendar year post-win before it is returned to its forever home at Augusta. Read more about the coveted jacket here.


The Masters has one of the smallest competitor rosters among the men’s golf major championships, taking into account relevance and the integrity of the competition. Unlike other majors, The Masters invites top amateur players. Winners are awarded a lifetime invitation to compete in the tournament. The event can mean a lot for a newbie, certainly on the PR front, but especially if they win.


This annual golf skills competition for 7-15-year-olds not only highlights young talent but also fosters their development in golf. It is a great way to grow the game by celebrating the sport’s future stars right before the Masters Tournament. One example is the player I am rooting for, Akshay Bhatia, who once won the DCP challenge and is now competing at Augusta for the first time after a win at the Valero Texas Open on Sunday, April 7th, that resulted in an official invitation to join the field after 1am Monday morning.


On Wednesday of Masters week, the final day of the practice rounds, players and their families participate in the Par 3 Contest. This is my favorite tradition to follow. It’s an easy way to fall in love with the game via players’ stories as the commentary and content produced on air+online is amazing!


The main driveway leading to the clubhouse is lined with magnolia trees in a particularly aesthetically pleasing manner. It isn’t accessible to just anyone, so it remains an historic path competitive golfers dream of driving down leading into the competition.


Each year, the previous year’s winner hosts a dinner for past champions, selecting the menu themselves. Here’s what 2023 champ, Jon Rahm, selected for his dinner to be served Tuesday night. Can’t wait for the posts to start rolling in on Instagram from this year’s event. It’s always fun to see players cut a little loose – some more than others. Just adds to their likeability and relatability – in my opinion.

This is just a brief look at the growing list of traditions that make Masters week truly magical. From the iconic Green Jacket to the activities that allow for seriously entertaining content heading our way, these customs celebrate more than just golf; they honor a legacy of sportsmanship and tradition.

See you next week!

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