Future’s So Bright: 2024 Golf Trend Predictions

The golf world stands on the cusp of transformation, where age-old traditions gracefully merge with the forefront of innovation. This exciting evolution extends every corner of the sport, from the latest advancements in golf technology and loveable trends in apparel to the evolving dynamics of competitive play. Together, these trends paint a Bob Ross-level picture of a future where the golf community becomes more inclusive and vibrant than ever before, promising new experiences for players and fans alike.

As we approach the end of Q1 and have a better understanding of how the year will shape up in terms of trends and innovation, I’ve spent quite a bit of time analyzing the current landscape. Per my observations, these are trends you will likely see throughout the remainder of 2024 and into 2025:


The lines between golf attire and general athleisure are blurring, leading to a more versatile and fashion-forward wardrobe for golfers. This trend isn’t just about casual wear; it’s about creating a seamless transition between the golf course, the tennis court, to your pickleball match, and everyday life. This evolution reflects a broader societal shift towards versatile, multipurpose clothing that suits a range of activities and occasions. CUE THE CROP TOPS. Fueled by influential golfers like Paige Spiranac, crop tops are carving out their niche in the golf fashion world. While still subject to the dress codes of individual clubs, crop tops offer a fresh, bold option for the fashion-forward golfer. It’s a trend that speaks to the broader cultural movement towards body positivity and self-expression.

Bows are making a stylish comeback, adding a touch of elegance and femininity to women’s golf attire. This trend is slowly but surely making its presence felt, with bows appearing in hair accessories and attached to visors and hats. It’s a nod to classic styles, reimagined for the modern golfer who appreciates a blend of tradition and trendiness. I believe the cross-functional performance ware will be responsible for teeing up a lot of the bows we’ll see this year. Racquet sports specifically.

3. Not Your Grandma’s Golf Hat

Gone are the days of the one-size-fits-all approach to golf headwear. The hat trio you’re used to seeing in the sparse women’s apparel section at pro shops – ballcap + bucket hat + visor – has morphed. As you get golf rounds in and explore pro shops this season, expect to see a wider range of unique and personalized hat options. Think beyond the aforementioned (often tired) staples, to hats that incorporate innovative materials, bold designs, and tech features like built-in UV protection or cooling systems. This trend will marry function and form to cater to golfers looking to express their individuality while also enjoying its practical benefits like not having the sun disrespect your eyes.

Via the Fairway Fashion Outfit of the Week posts to be released every Thursday, I will be leaning into high fashion as inspiration for golf and racquet outfit ideas. you can also expect to see luxury fashion brands forging partnerships with golf apparel companies, bringing high fashion to the fairways. These collaborations will likely result in exclusive collections that offer golfers haute couture options, blending performance with runway-ready style. Think all types of performance ware, gloves, bag, and even club designs that reflect the latest fashion trends, making a statement of sophistication and style. Expensive, undoubtedly. Fresh, probably. Exciting for the game, absolutely.


This is less of a trend and more of a plea from me to the golf illuminati. The sport was shaken up by LIV Golf’s intro into the competitive space. I, like Rory McIlroy and many other fans, were stunned when LIV and PGA announced a partnership. Partially because players, Rory being one of them, had turned down HUGE amounts of money to stay with the hand that fed them. *Fake Camera Pans to Brooks & Jena Koepka laughing on their PJ*. The golf community has been impatiently waiting for a detailed announcement that will shed light on how this merger will shape the competitive landscape and viewer experience. We NEEEED to know!!

With more media companies investing in golf-related content, fans can look forward to high-quality documentaries, lifestyle shows, and behind-the-scenes access that celebrate the culture surrounding the sport. My prediction is that said media companies will have garnered enough ROI data to start expanding golf-related content aimed at women. This content boom will likely feature stories that highlight the lives of female golfers, explore iconic courses beyond the male perspective, and offer insights into the game’s intricacies, all produced with cinematic quality.

Influential female golfers like Miriah Stackhouse (@mostacksbirdies) are breaking barriers and inspiring a new generation. Their visibility and success on and off the course not only highlight the growing influence of women in the sport but also pave the way for a community that celebrates and amplifies female voices. This signifies a shift towards greater diversity and inclusivity in golf, encouraging more women to take up the sport and share their experiences. I believe the remainder of 2024 will bring plenty of opportunities to amplify female golfers’ voices, especially via social media, across the industry. Much like collegiate women’s basketball is experiencing with Kaitlyn Clark, I believe teams and competitors will be further incentivized to bring more personality to the game. And let me tell you, I can’t wait!


8. AI Revolution in Golf

The influence of artificial intelligence (AI) on product development has been so incredibly fascinating to watch unfold. From pocket caddies that offer data-driven advice on club selection and strategy to AI-powered swing analysis tools that provide digestible feedback, the technology is and will continue to be a game-changer. For the companies that actually innovate, that is, we’re going to see some pretty awesome progress. However, as with any emerging tech, there’s a hype factor—akin to the “gluten-free” labels on inherently gluten-free products—where the allure of AI might initially hinder consumers from seeing its practical benefits. Word on the street is that the Ai Smoke driver from Callaway is underwhelming, for example. Nevertheless, AI’s integration into golf apps and training equipment will revolutionize how players approach their game and will with certainty make the game more accessible.

Virtual reality tech is set to take golf training and entertainment to new heights. Early examples of VR golf simulators suggest a future where players can virtually experience world-famous courses from the comfort of their homes. I don’t mean via the traditional simulator setup your uncle has in his mancave. I mean immersive, Apple Vision Pro-caliber VR that makes users feel engaged enough to lose track of time/their spatial awareness. Beyond training, these simulators offer a social aspect, allowing friends to compete in virtual tournaments or practice together, regardless of geographical barriers.

These trends for 2024/early 2025 would display a golf community at the forefront of cultural shifts, technological advancements, and a push for inclusivity. They promise an exciting future where the game retains its core values while embracing innovation and diversity. I don’t NEED my analysis to be accurate in a year’s time, but I’d love them to be.

Cheers to what’s ahead!