Golf & Racquet OOTW: The Beyonce-Cowboy Carter Edit

Today, we’re unveiling outfits inspired by Beyoncé’s genre-defying new album, Cowboy Carter. In her latest drop, Beyoncé masterfully blends a tangibly intentional range of styles, from country tunes to rap, creating a musical adventure that refuses to be put into a box.

Mirroring this premise, the outfit of the week series captures the spirit of Cowboy Carter, merging traditional country elements with modern flair. Each ensemble reflects the album’s range both in diversity and its ability to create a unique listening experience. Embracing freedom, strength, and Beyoncé’s iconic sense of style.

Fellow Beehive Babes, join me in celebrating this album’s release with golf and racquet digs that reflect next-level brilliance, experimentation, and deeply thoughtful storytelling.


Cowboy hat or visor with leather and silver buttons + silver embellishments

→ Rodeo top with paisley print or white shirt with red structured collar

→ Blue skirt or straight leg golf pants

→ White or cream wingtip shoes (leather or suede)

→ Brown leather belt with a rodeo belt buckle

→ Brown golf glove or brown leather trim on skirt/top