My journey into the world of golf entrepreneurship began with a simple desire to document my experiences as I embarked on building Bluebird Golf Company, a venture combining my love for golf with the latest in tech and lifestyle trends. However, life had other plans, and after sustaining a knee injury that sidelined me for the 2023 season, I found myself launching this blog a few months earlier than anticipated. This unexpected turn of events, while challenging, provided a unique opportunity for reflection and growth.


This injury, albeit inconvenient, became a source of inspiration. It forced me to slow down, reflect on my progress, and reevaluate my approach to leadership, both on and off the golf course. It made me confront some hard truths about my commitment to advancing inclusivity, accessibility, and diversity within the sport I love. Despite the frustrations, golf has been a powerful tool for personal growth, and sharing its benefits has become one of my greatest joys The journey with “Tee Time with Audrey” has truly blossomed, evolving beyond just a blog into an accessible hub where golf meets lifestyle, fashion, and the culture of the game. We’re rolling out exciting updates: from the “Outfit of the Week” series that merges golf and racquet sports attire, bringing style to the forefront, to making “Golf for Swifties” a staple category, blending Taylor Swift’s charm with the love of golf. A website makeover and expanded social media engagement promise a fresh, interactive experience. These enhancements reflect my commitment to growing with you, offering a mix of content that entertains, informs, and inspires. Together, we’re set to explore the ever-evolving world of golf, celebrating every step of the journey in style and camaraderie.


Each week, I’ll be “spilling the tea” on a wide range of topics, from the latest in golf and business to insights on life’s unexpected lessons. While golf will be the thread that ties each post together, expect a sprinkle of spice with no subject being off-limits. My aim is to foster a community that celebrates inclusivity, encourages accessibility, and embraces diversity in the world of golf and beyond. Whether you’re here for the hot takes on golf tech, curious about the entrepreneurial journey, or seeking inspiration to hit the fairways yourself, there’s a place for you at Tee Time with Audrey.



Through this platform, I’m dedicated to inspiring and empowering people, especially women+, to see themselves in the game. My vision is to be a beacon of change in the golf industry, advocating for a sport that welcomes everyone, regardless of their background or skill level.