How to Plan a Last-Minute Masters Watch Party

Just now catching the Masters fever (or just lost track of time? Think it’s too late to host a watch party? Fear not, You Beautiful Birdie. Here’s how you can pull off a fabulous, last-minute get together to enjoy the most anticipated golf tournament of the year with your golf besties.


Home or Local Restaurant/pub/sports bar/indoor driving range? Whichever you choose, consider capacity restrictions, parking constraints, and “Oh hey! Is the Masters is even going to be aired at your establishment?”. Don’t assume, call ahead of time.


You can golf badly, as long as you golf badly fast. Same goes for your days-out party planning measures. Speed is key, so use social media or texting to get the word out ASAP. Keep it simple: “Masters Watch Party at my place/Restaurant/Wherever! – [insert address]. Tee time is [start time]. Bring your favorite snack!

If you have the energy, consider attaching one of these custom digital invites to your message – available for purchase on ETSY:


Encourage guests to wear golf attire or green in general to get into the Masters spirit. Ace your look as the host with a mock green jackets or a caddie costume! Explore rapid delivery outfit inspiration here!


For drinks, mix up a batch of “Azalea Cocktails,” a nod to Augusta National’s famous flowers. offers a few variations worth trying out:


Prepare simple, golf-themed snacks like the iconic Pimento Cheese Sandwiches in honor of the most recognized tournament’s snack traditions. Bring Augusta National to you with these recipes from Callies Hot Little Biscuits:


Set the tone with these awesome party decor ideas from across the web (that you’ll actually get in time with Instant or two-day delivery via Amazon):

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While there aren’t many commercials played throughout the tournament’s coverage, having other forms of entertainment can be fun for quests who aren’t as interested, but still with to attend. A few ideas: creating game around who will win the tournament or have guests guess the day’s best score. DIY mini-golf or indoor/backyard chipping challenges are solid. Definitely provide background info by printing out or displaying fun facts about The Masters and this year’s contenders. If your guests are golf history buffs, play an informal round of Masters trivia or go all-in with this buzzer pack from Amazon.

Pulling off a last-minute Masters watch party might seem out of the cards at this point, but with a bit of creativity and persistence on the invite/follow-up/reminder front, you can host a great activity for your golf besties. It’s all about celebrating the love of the game with your people and locking in those core memories.

You’ve Got This!