Golf & The Galaxy: When a Total Solar Eclipse & The Masters Tournament Converge

Today marks the beginning of The Masters, a day eagerly anticipated by golf fanatics worldwide. It also happens to fall on that same day as a total solar eclipse.

During the last total solar eclipse in the area, I had just started dating Colin. When I mentioned the eclipse would be occurring during a golf trip he’d planned in the eclipse’s path, he didn’t seem excited. He didn’t know what he didn’t know.

Colin’s experience that afternoon was so mesmerizing to him that when the next total solar eclipse rolled around our neck of the woods (April 8th, 2024), he planned a special golf trip to Dalhousie Golf Club in Cape Girardo, Missouri. The state’s #6 best course per Golf Digest just so happened to be where a 99.9% totality eclipse viewing experience was expected.

The course went above and beyond, offering Moon Pies, Sun Chips and other treats to celebrate the occasion. As totality visibly and mentally consumed us, distant cheers from fellow viewers could be heard, creating a moment of profound connection and, frankly, existential insignificance all things considered. The sun and moon converged to create THE MOST BEAUTIFUL eclipse any of us could have imagined.

Here’s some pictures from the captivating cosmic experience:

Before we even teed off at Dalhousie, Monday at The Masters content was flooding our Instagram accounts. Augusta distributed Masters-branded viewing glasses, making the event even more memorable. I can’t think of a way to attend The Masters that would be cooler.

Also, I can’t imagine how the usually good vibes around the restorative nature of an eclipse affected player juju, per se. I hope they’re asked about it in the coming days. Georgia wasn’t in full totality, though. So maybe it was just okay? Someone who was there, please report back!

Here’s some of the content Augusta released. Obsessed!

Experiencing the eclipse from a relatively isolated location like a golf course, especially just a day before “Tee Time with Audrey” celebrates its first anniversary, was incredibly special. It was a moment of reflection, reminding me of the beauty in the world and the shared experiences that bring us together, both in golf and in life. It was the perfect celestial experience to user in year two of Tee Time with Audrey.

Cheers to what’s ahead, Fellow Future Space Travelers!